Life-a fanfiction by mawarbenhour

Park Chanyeol|Im Yoon Ah

and other cast


Rate: PG-13

Summarry:I can’t move in the darkness
I can’t feel anything
Tears fall down
I’m trapped in memories of you, no
Please hold onto my hand, so that I can wake up
Please don’t go


Inspired by: BAP Coma


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Eiffel Guardian [Part 1 :Welcome To The new World]


Eiffel Guardian


Kim Taeyeon|Lee Sun Kyu a.k.a Sunny|Byun Baekhyun|Park Chanyeol|Oh Sehun

Genre: Fantasy,Mystery,Friendship

Author:mawarbenhour <@moonlighff>


Rate: G(Tp nanti bisa naik)

poster by:Melurmutia

A/N:Annyeong!!!!Author mawarbenhour akhirnya menerbitkan Eiffel Guardian part 1 setelah selesai liburan bareng member exo sama B.A.P/dihajar

DISCLAIMER:The plot is mine but cast is not mine. Terinspirasi dari FF berjudul sand glass and Black Circus karya Kihyukha Eonnie.

Don’t Be Siders,Copycat and Plagiator!!!!

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That’s Your Fault…[Vignette]


Sunny a.k.a Lee Sun Kyu | Lay a.k.a Zhang Yixing

and others~

Genre:Sad romance,hurt

Author:mawarbenhour (@moonlighff)



A/N:Annyeong!!!I’m Back!!!!Jangan lupa tinggalkan jejak ya..and yang di italic panjang itu flashback

Summary:Jika seandainya kau tahu bagaimana perasaanku kala itu, maka kau akan tahu mengapa sekarang aku meninggalkanmu..Sekarang biarkanlah aku pergi….

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(Teaser 2/Prologue)Eiffel Guardian


Kim Taeyeon|Lee Sunny|Byun Baekhyun|Park Chanyeol|Oh Sehun|Kim Jong In|Xi Luhan|Im Yoon Ah|Kim Suho|Seo Joo Hyun

and other cast


Rate:G(Tp nanti bisa naik)



A/N:Annyeong 😀 FF ini kembali setelah ditunggu/dihajar

Rencananya aku pingin nampilin semua poster disini tapi, gk jadi, biar lebih surprise 😀

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(Teaser)Eiffel Guardian


There are 6 things who important to you….
First, love

Love that will help you through your new destiny … He will always be tucked in your heart

Second, Friendship

When you are weak, your best friend who will help you

Third, the Eiffel

This is your new destiny, you must protect them from the Eiffel Tower ….

Fourth, Light

Light. One word you must understand yourself …And always in your heart…

Fifth, Phoenix

Phoenix will always be attached to the light … He will always wait for you ….

Last ….

I can not tell you ….

“Is it a nightmare??Or???”

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Shamisen(Part 2,END)


Im Yoon Ah|Xi Luhan

And other cast


Author:mawarbenhour @moonlighff

Legth:Twoshoot (^.^)

A/N:Annyeonghaseyo*Tebar confetti bareng Zelo*#plak di getok Sehun.

Dear readers yang menunggu FF ini *emang ada yg nunggu*plak harus bersedih hati karena kita akan berpisah dengan FF ini T.T…Sorry When Typo….Happy Reading~<3

DISCLAIMER:Plot is Mine but cast is not mine!Don’t Be SIDER,PLAGIATOR AND COPYCAT!!


Chapter sebelumnya[PART 1]

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