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Nisa F.A.Z.R

DOB : nearly same with Chen.But my mom really like No.18. Ya, so I born in date it.When sunset shine ranging from orange to bright red. I really like it.!

D.O.M : I grow in yeah, nook place in Central Java. But, Fortunaly I can know about yeah, Kpop, Photoshop, Ed Sheerman, Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake, Chopin, Bach,Yiruma and other.

98 L || hope || heaven is my future

Who Hate Home Work!. Hate Vegetable!(excplly Brocolli). Join in Photoshop World since 10 month’s later.Understanding in FF World since 12 month’s later.1,5 year’s i love Kpop. And start hate vegetebels since i born.-_-

AND HAVE ‘O’BLOOD TYPE.NOT SAME WITH MY MOM AND DAD-_-. Start hate Homework since 8 month’s later.

Scared about Thunder (not Thunder MBLAQ). I feel I’ll striked by it!!(i don’t know this is included to Phobia or Not -_-)

Bcs,I prestige to request poster FF. I start make poster fanfic by my self.

I have many name to introduce. But I love my Name. So I put some part of my middle name

Call me




my fandom


my bias



Social media.

Twitter.Personal Blog.line : autumnflow98


i’am XiuHan shipper, but i DON’T LIKE Straight.My OTP idont have it -_-


Music Classic & Instrumental Lover.


*you can introduce your self in here and lets be friend ^^”

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