[Artworker] Priskila

Hello My Lovely(s)!


| Priskila | 98 line | You can call me, Pris | A hardcore fan of Girl’s Generation and EXO |

[My parents are Kim Taeyeon and Byun Baekhyun] [My husband is Kim Jongin and Kim Joonmyun] [My unnie(s) is Girl’s Generation members (except Taeyeon)] [My ex-boyfriend is Lu Han (sorry my ex~)] [My playful friends are EXO members]

Love to being childish (like my Mom!).

Love to imagine something not important.

I’m just a high school student who loves reading, online, editing with photoshop and writing some (absurd) fanfiction.

Really want to be a doctor, but i’m lazy to study

I don’t like study some theory, but i really love to study with praticing

I have ‘B’ blood type. 

An playful girl who always being the most noisy in class.

Never looking for yuri/yaoi fanfiction. It’s disgust!

Straight lovers.

my otp(s)


my lovely persons


my social media (if you want to contact me)

| Twitter. | Instagram. | Facebook. | Blog. |


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